What is this plugin about?

GOCHA Video Comment is a plugin that will place dedicated comment system for videos posted via standard ‘Add media’ button, as well as by Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Dropbox or Google Drive shares. The comments can be organized and specified, user can comment only on a chosen part(timespan) or precise point of the content.


After downloading the plugin file

  • Open your WordPress admin.
  • On left menu choose: Plugins -> Add New.
  • On upper menu choose: Upload.
  • Choose file:
  • Click: install now.
  • Wait for the server to load the package.
  • And click Activate Plugin.
  • You will see Gocha Video Plugin on your plugin list.
  • Done


In order to activate the plugin, go to: Settings -> GOCHA Video and enter your license key that you obtained after purchase. Click on ‘save changes’ to confirm. Starting from this moment, you can use our support and automatic updates of the bought plugin.

How to get started?

When you log in to your wp-admin, the plugin configuration can be found in: Tools -> GOCHA Video

There, you can customize your plugin and decide how you want to use it. This section also allows to customize the detailed behaviour and design of the comment system.

When you are done configuring, just post a video to enjoy the benefits!


Simply add the video via ‘Add media’ WP button or paste a YouTube, Facebok, Dailymotion or Vimeo link.’

In order to get everything right, do not forget to enable comments.
You can check the comments settings in WP Dashboard: Settings -> Discussion

How to obtain video URLs from third-party services?

YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Google Drive

URL examples:

YouTube: https://www . youtube . com/watch?v=XXXXXXXXXXX
Vimeo: https://player . vimeo . com/video/XXXXXXXXXX
Google Drive: https://drive . google . com/file/d/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/preview
dailymotion: https://www . dailymotion . com/embed/video/XXXXXXXXXXX
Facebook Videos: https://www . facebook . com/facebook/videos/XXXXXXXXXXXX/

You can also enable comments on your Pages or Posts when creating them. At the very top of the screen you will find expandable section Screen Options. There, just tick the Comments. Since then, below your text editor you will find checkboxes responsible for enabling and disabling comments. (see screens below)[/gocha_message]

This is it.


Just copy the address from your web browser:


Here, just click ‘Share’ button visible onto the player, and then just copy the link indicated below:



To get the link, go to the ‘Share’ section available below the video, and then get the link from ’embed’ section.

NOTE: Now, you can also use shortlinks of Dailymotion videos. Just copy and paste this kind of link:



In FB, it is most convenient to add videos directly from Wall. First, click an arrow in the upper right of the video. Then, select ’embed’. In the next popup, just copy the whole link.



Google Drive

If you have uploaded videos on Google Drive, just log in to your files and click on the video file. When it goes into fullscreen, in the upper right area you will find a button. Choose ‘open in new window’. Next, find the same dropdown menu and go for ’embed’. Finally use the link from the popup (only the URL in quotes).


Basic settings

Comments mode

Key feature, decides upon the mechanics of the plugin. It’s all about how to post the comments for videos- either for a time range, or just a specific point on the timeline.

Maximum time for comment grouping

The comments get grouped if users comment around the same moment. Specify the range of grouping in seconds. Warning: any changes in this parameter will be applied only to the new comments. It does not affect already posted comments.

Hide default form

This turns off the display of comments below post, however if your theme uses own classes and methods for comment system, it might not work correctly. Then, it is recommended to find ID or container class in styles where your comment form exists. All you have to do is to apply the value display:none to such items.

Hide timeline

If you wish to have very transparent video with no timeline, tick this option.

Dynamic comments

Tick this if you want to show comments based on current player time.

Comments highlight display

*available only when Dynamic comments are disabled* – allows to choose the way how to emphasize comments that are adequate to the current time of video.

Open comments

If you wish to have opened all comments under video, tick this option.

Comments order

Please choose the manner of comment display – ascending or descending in regards to posting time.


You can define colors for background, content on inverted backgrounds, text and active elements.

Include or exclude posts/pages?

In the include mode – comments for videos will be available only on the selected posts/pages. Exclude mode will disable comments for videos on the selected posts/pages. Changes will be visible after saving the settings.

Included/excluded posts/pages

Posts/Pages IDs separated by comma. Changes will be visible after saving the settings.

To add new ID go to current page and just click “add current page ID” button.

How to find ID? When editing your page or post, see the URL in your browser, it should be like – any appearing number in the address is the ID.

Services settings


Another key option – you can apply the Video Comment Plugin to all videos, both embedded and inserted by Visual Composer shortcodes; or only for the latter – VC shortcodes while skipping the embedding.

Skip YouTube videos

If checked, YouTube videos will no longer be applied to use with the Video Comment.

Skip Vimeo videos

If checked, Vimeo videos will no longer be applied to use with the Video Comment.

Skip Dailymotion videos

If checked, Dailymotion videos will no longer be applied to use with the Video Comment.

Skip FB videos

If checked, FB videos will no longer be applied to use with the Video Comment.

Skip Google Drive videos

If checked, Google Drive videos will no longer be applied to use with the Video Comment.

Skip embed videos

If checked, embedded videos will no longer be applied to use with the Video Comment.

Visual settings


Customize colors of the plugin interface.


Color 1

Defines the color of the comment field.

Color 2

Defines the background color.

Color 3 

Defines additional info, such as time of the comment and a possibility to leave a reply to this comment.

Advanced settings


Restore default settings

Removes all the applied changes to the plugin and restores to the default settings applied right after installing the plugin.


The plugin contains language PO/MO files, so if you wish to have them translated for a specific language, you can use them.

Developer customization info

The plugin contains .css class file where you can make some customizations.

Here are some suggested classes that might come around handy:

If you wish to change the comment window height, you should modify the max-height parameter in class:



			       max-height: 700px;


Colors are set in these classes:


                        .gocha-dynamic-seeker:hover .gocha-bar .gocha-bar-time {

                        	border-color: #COLOR1;


                        .gocha-start-button:before {

                            border-color: transparent #COLOR2 transparent transparent;


                        .gocha-stop-button:after {

                            border-color: transparent transparent transparent #COLOR2;


                        .gocha-dynamic-seeker .gocha-bar .gocha-bar-time,
                        .gocha-marker.g-active span,
                        .gocha-video-comment:hover > .gocha-comment-avatar {

                        	border-color: #COLOR3;


                        .gocha-dynamic-seeker .gocha-bar .gocha-bar-time,
                        .gocha-comment-avatar img {

                        	background-color: #COLOR1;


                        .gocha-dynamic-seeker:hover .gocha-bar .gocha-bar-time,
                        .gocha-marker.g-active span,
                        .gocha-video-add-area button:disabled:hover,
                        .gocha-video-add-area button,
                        .gocha-video-commentbox {

                        	background-color: #COLOR2;


                        .gocha-video-st:hover .gtimechange,
                        .gocha-dynamic-seeker .gocha-bar,
                        .gocha-video-add-area button:hover {

                        	background-color: #COLOR3;


                        .gocha-video-st:hover .gtimechange,
                        .gocha-video-add-area button,
                        .gocha-marker {

                        	color: #COLOR1;


                        .gocha-video-comment-dynamic {

                            color: #COLOR2;


                        .gocha-dynamic-seeker .gocha-bar .gocha-bar-time,
                        .gocha-video-comment-dynamic.g-active {

                            color: #COLOR3;



If you come across problems or questions not mentioned in the manuals, feel free to contact out support. We are doing our best to provide you with the best and quick assistance. We are normally investigating the tickets twice a day, six days a week – from Monday to Saturday.

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