With GOCHA Geo, you can display a map along with detailed info for each of the placed tags. It’s highly customizable. It isn’t the plugin that is limiting your options, it is only your imagination.

Well, for a CEO of profitable business, there’s plenty of imagination in his head. Check his vision out below:

Welcome, my name is John. I am a CEO of IT company. Currently, our main focus is on building websites for our clients. We are mostly using WordPress. Over the years we had a strong expansion plan, resulting in many new facilities appearing across the country and abroad – we have finally entered Europe! My marketing department has strongly asked for some transparent solutions allowing to find us on the map. Of course, the standard Google Maps can do the job, but there’s something that makes it even better! It is also very easy, I didn’t even have to ask my IT staff to implement a new feature – I was able to do it with just a basic computer knowledge! It took me just one lazy evening with a cup of tea… I was very proud of myself, really 🙂

Well, thank you John! That was pretty our aim – to create a powerful, yet simple tool.

See John’s way

of putting GEO to his needs:

I will be using GEO Advanced mode to present map of my facilities. To do this, I am creating a single Post for each facility. It is good to pay attention to details here, thus our map can be more attractive (add a nice description, featured image etc.)

New category

Create a post, compose your text and whatever else you want. In order to preapre it to use with the plugin, you should define a category (it can also be tag, choose your way).

I created a category facilities and will tick it for each post.

Add geolocation points

to current post

Next, define geolocation of the post.

Next, define geolocation of the post. In my case, I look for addresses of my facilities and tag them on the map.

If everything goes according to the plan, the coordinates will be placed in the box.

Now, just one more check of all my posts if they contain everything they should. I have created 5 similar posts with my facilities.

Add shortcode

Finally, let’s add the shortcode. Wybieram z menu Add GOCHA Geo Shortcodes -> Gallery Mode

If I want to use Visual Composer, I should choose GOCHA GEO Gallery Mode from GOCHA tab.

In the Content tab, I select everything to link my posts with defined categories with the plugin.

This is the final result!

This is a snap from John’s website where he boasts about his new facility. This is a great opportunity to show the rest of facilities, too!


Have you met the Internet Masters?

providing you with the best

The latest news!

Europe, here we come! Celebrate the opening of our first European facilities with us! London and Rome are ours 🙂 Only this week, European clients get 25% off for our services!

Take a world tour with us! Navigate around the map. You can zoom in as you normally do with any maps online, or use the listing below the map to choose the specific place you would like to see. Just click ‘show on map’ in the box below the description.

Chicago facility

Our Chicago facility was the first established place, our headquarters. Here’s how it all started, from little steps in rented office, that has grown to the present form over the years of very hard work!

London facility

Our office in London is a really hot deal, not only because of the city itself, but because of the things we are doing here. There is a highly advanced IT department where we are researching and implementing new solutions for our clients.

Philadelphia facility

In Philadelphia, we have the best graphic designers from the whole States. The guys out there are responsible for the web image of our clients.

Boston facility

Here’s where our online heart is – the servers! This place is full of qualified technicians who care about our products being fully reliable 24/7.

Rome facility

Rome is our first European facility! Here we are researching a new market and trying to prove our worth to new clients. Come and meet us here 🙂 Rome is beautiful!