For over the last decade, blogs have been popularized very, very much. No wonder that day by day there are new solutions to help and enrich the blogging experience. After all, we are on WordPress here, once a simple blogging platform, and we have provided our customers with plenty of such solutions, plugins, etc. Here’s one of our biggest projects we are proud of. See what ways of using it one of our bloggers has found…

Meet Jasmine, a culinary blogger.

All my life I was dreaming about travelling. My dad was a chef in a famous restaurant, and I guess I took the passion for food after him, too. 10 years ago, I realized that it is possible to connect these two activities, so I’ve started culinary travels. I had many places on the Internet where I could share my experiences, always looking for something more innovative. I guess I found blogging home, finally. GOCHA Geo has helped me a lot along the process.

See Jasmine's

way of putting Geo to her needs:

Hi, I will show you what I figured out. It’s going to be fast and easy. I just wanted to add a little sneak-peek for my audience. The point is, recently I haver taken a trip around the world and I tasted some food along the way. I took pictures of some of the most exciting ones. They are so random, so different that they are some sort of glimpse in my head. I wanted to show them like this – like short snapshot here, somewhere around the world. And another. And yet another. The Gallery mode has understood my vision just right.

I will be taking just separate photos as elements to put into the GEO Gallery mode.

Add my photos

If my photos were taken by smartphone or GPS photo camera, I don’t have to worry about entering GPS data manually. I can skip this point, then.

Add geolocation points

if the plugin hasn't applied it automatically

If I hadn’t had GPS in my camera, I could have applied the photo location manually.

Clicking the added photo I choose more details in the bottom menu

I scroll down until I see the fields to enter longitude and latitude, then I click on Change coordinaties

I enter the address which I want to connect my photos with and I click find place. If the address is unknown because I’ve taken the photo somewhere in the woods, I can find the nearest place from where I actually was. Then I just move the pin around with my mouse to target the exact place. Finally I can confirm my choice with Use current coordinaties.

Now, add the shortcode.

I can add it where I want - on page or on post.

Wybieram z menu Add GOCHA Geo Shortcodes -> Gallery Mode

If I use Visual Composer, I choose GOCHA GEO Gallery Mode in GOCHA tab.

Choose the photos with geolocation data that I uploaded.

In Basic settings tab I configure things to suit my needs.

In Interface settings, I decided to show titles of my photos, allow my audience to navigate between and show how many photos there are in one gallery.

This is the final result!

The part below is taken right from Jasmine’s blog. It’s her latest entry:

The part below is taken right from Jasmine’s blog. It’s her latest entry:

Eat & travel

Jasmine Smith blog

Around the world – mission complete

Over the last year I realized I have travelled all the world. That was one of my main life-goals. Even better when I had the ability to taste the world! As I was often remarking, I love both travelling and culinary arts. Combining them together is utterly an out-of-earth experience! Do you share my enthusiasm…? Come on! Just take a look where I had what.