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Breslau Music

Music, aside oxygen, is the most important life-giving ingredient for me. The music is in my head, even if I am not actually listening to any track. As long as there is music, the silence is just abstract. It fills all the empty holes of soul, the ones that cannot be filled with anything else. …

Barcelona Plants

Living things are everywhere around us. They exist in different forms. Sometimes we forget that if something doesn’t move or make a sound, it can be alive. Don’t forget about plants. We wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for them. I wouldn’t be making this website if it weren’t for them. Visitor, take a …

Berlin Fruits

Fruits are like people – we need them. Every single one is different, has own qualities and character. There are those that are sweet, bitter or soar. There are tasteless, too. Which one is you? Which do you prefer mostly? Which qualities mix up well, if any? How many a day is good? Do you …

Paris Bread

Bread – a basic ingredient that allows us to survive. Is it only that, or is it something more? We can feed on it, of course. We can also break bread with other people – sharing. We can share knowledge, experience and our thoughts. We can also win bread. Breadwinners provide for their family. The …

Sopot Trees

The beautiful Saturday got me out of my house. Some invisible force took me into my car and drove me out of town to discover one of the most charming places ever, so close to my home. I cannot believe I hadn’t known this spot earlier. The words can’t describe it, see the photos to …

Paris Bicycle

Bicycle. Very simple machine. For some people, it is just a means of transport. For others, it can be a way of entertainment, a hobby, it can be a way of life. I started cycling when I was five. I still remember my first time on the two wheels. My bike had a stick fixed …