has never been that versatile.

What about being able to localize anything on the map?
Well, we had it before already, you might say. However, the geolocation has been taken to a new level.

GochaGEO lets the user create complex correlations within maps. Be it, for example, ability of connecting photos. Here is where the fun starts. It’s up to your imagination how you utilize the potential. You can show a route of a trip, enriched with photos. You can show your company facilities across the city, country, globe…? What else? You tell us!


Gocha GEO introduces three functionality modes, each introducing
unique ways to enhance the standard Google Maps functionality.


Each mode has a bunch of settings, however if you don’t want to play around, the user interface is highly intuitive. In most of the cases, you’ll make out the way even without the manual. Just a few clicks, and you benefit from the features.


Installation takes seconds, there is no extensive configuration or whatsoever. Just a few clicks and your maps on steroid are ready to go. Use them wisely, but most of all – with fun. Immerse in wide range of comprehensive features and enjoy.


Each mode will find its uses in different situations.

Basic mode can be typically used for general overview of points of interest. Upon clicking the pin, you will find more information. It can be an address, description of the place, opening hours…actually, it’s up to you!

Gallery mode sort of speaks for itself. It will generate a slider of photos along with their geolocation on the map. In this case, the picture is more significant.

Advanced mode can be used to have wider functionality of the points tagged on the map. Each entry can be listed, with a range of connected functionalities.


If the devices you use for capturing pictures support geotagging, our plugin should detect this data automatically.

Simple mode features:

  • display a geolocation popup for images
  • fully configurable icon which triggers popup
  • have a map with many images
  • connect many points on map to create and show a route
  • optional automatic implementation for images with geolocation data
  • best for quick, brief display of images

Gallery mode features:

  • show your photos along with a map
  • customizable display
  • slider-like autoanimation
  • connect many points on map to create and show a route
  • best for consistent visual content
  • support for custom post types

Advanced mode features:

  • display a map of your posts
  • have a listing of entries along with the map
  • connect many points on map to create and show a route
  • best for extended content
  • possibility of creating custom listing styles
  • possibility of adding geolocation to posts
  • support for custom post types

Other features:

  • customizable appearance of popups and maps
  • personalized map pins
  • global parameter customization in settings
  • Visual Composer support
  • language pot file
  • support for Google Maps custom styles (built-in styles)
  • built-in geodata detection in media library
  • responsive layout
  • support for marker clustering
  • TinyMCE built-in support
  • direct WYSIWYG shortcode editing
  • full control over Google Maps API scripts for better compatibility with other maps plugins