Our solution automatizes the excerpt feature – with the range of customizable variables to be specified in order to provide as personalized and intuitious content as possible.


  • Open your WordPress admin.
  • On left menu choose: Plugins -> Add New.
  • On upper menu choose: Upload.
  • Choose file:
  • Click: install now.
  • Wait for the server to load the package.
  • And click Activate Plugin.
  • You will see Gocha Video Plugin on your plugin list.
  • Done


On left menu choose: Tools -> GOCHA Better Excerpt.
The settings are divided into two sections:

Basic settings

Range unit – this setting specifies the unit that should be used to specify the range of the excerpt – single characters or whole words.

Range for the text cut – it is the range of characters/words within which the plugin seeks for characterts that allow to shorten the text in a natural manner.

Ending chars – characters or character strings used to cut the text earlier.

Excerpt ending – the manner of ending the excerpt – if you wish to disable it, choose nothing option; or it can exist in a form of a link or even own, personalized character string.

Append the following text – the text placed at the end of the excerpt when the Excerpt ending option is set on character string.

Link text – the text over the displayed link provided that the Excerpt ending is set as a link. The link itself redirects to the full content.

Link CSS class – name of the CSS class added to the link. This option gives way for better styling of the ending of the text.

Show excerpt ending – this option allows to show the ending of the excerpt at all times, or only when the text has been shortened.

Advanced options

Excerpt origin – this option lets you utilize the ‘exceprt’ field from the editor, instead of generating own piece of text by the plugin. It only occurs in situations when the default WordPress ‘excerpt’ field has been filled. When the option is set to ‘post text’, the excerpts are always generated from the full content of the given entry.

Tags to leave – these are tags that should not be removed – the names of the tags have to be separated by commas, without brackets between them (so, the correct form should be e.g. strong,p,em). IMPORTANT NOTE: If the closing tag occurs out of the excerpt, it will be removed anyway.

Use more tag – it allows to use the content up till marker if it exists. If not, the excerpt is generated in default way by the plugin.

Mode – it defines the mode of the plugin. In the case when Always create better excerpt option has been chosen – the excerpt is always generated on pages different than single entries. In the case of Create better excerpt when there is a normal excerpt – the plugin will generate the excerpt only in the places where the theme uses the_excerpt or get_the_excerpt functions.

Show excerpt only once per post – themes such as 2016 generate both the_excerpt and the_content in some situations, which leads to the texts being duplicated. Turning this option on prevents such situations from taking place.


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