Are you tired of the classic look
of a gallery in WordPress?

Expand the possibilities with parallax effect.

This WordPress plugin allows you to greatly expand the functionality of the basic tool “add media” ->gallery with features that add: parallax effects, leveling pictures, and giving the opportunity to set up millions of patterns in layout configuration. Just check the demo to explore the capabilities of the plugin.





  • possibility of defining your own layout presets
  • easy control and transparency when editing the gallery
  • responsive grid for galleries
  • millions of possible combinations
  • easy turning on / off
  • changeable photo size / quality
  • 6 x custom styles for rollover effect
  • 16 patterns
  • 20 presets
  • add gaps
  • add zoom effect
  • add black & white effect
  • add delay
  • one photo gallery with lightbox (lightbox not included)
  • 88 parallax and static predefined effects
  • includes .po language file
  • includes developer version of jQuery plugin to parallax
  • includes developer version of css and js to customize or add more effects
  • WordPress 4.3 tested

GOCHA Focuson Parallax is an extension to the default mechanism of WordPress media management. If your template resigns from using the default system and replaces it by its own, then my plugin will not work right away. You will have to turn off the function that overwrites the default mechanism of media management in your template.